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Interpretarea normei juridice: studiu de caz – refuzul instanţelor de a prelungi detașarea specialiștilor antifraudă în cadrul unităţilor de parchet
The interpretation of legal norms represents the process by which their meaning is determined in order to apply them in practice. This process is essential in any legal system, including Romanian law, because it allows the settlement of legal issues and ensures consistency in the application of legal norms. In Romanian law, the interpretation of legal norms is carried out by the authorities and the courts, in the proceedings. In this regard, t...
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Detașarea polițiștilor în cadrul unităților de parchet
02 01 2022
The socio-economic or professional realities encountered on the labour market have shown that the institution of posting is not theoretical and virtual, but useful, real and very common on this market. Quite often, employers ask each other for help in lending, for a certain period of time, qualified labour in order to achieve the proposed economic goal or to provide services to the population, if their own staff is insufficient or, for certain ...
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Considerații privind modificarea cadrului legislativ privind detașarea salariaților în cadrul prestării de servicii transnaționale
At present, the extremely dynamic environment for the provision of services at transnational level requires an increasing number of entities to temporarily second employees to the territory of a State other than the State in which they are normally employed. In this context, the acquisition of a transnational dimension by labor relations often raises problems as to the legislation applicable to these labor relations.
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Considerații privind detașarea judecătorilor pentru desfășurarea activităților în cadrul birourilor electorale
The Labor Code regulates the general framework of the assignment institution within the employment relation, which also applies to employment relations governed by special laws, only insofar as they do not contain specific derogating provisions. Concerning judges and prosecutors, we identify in a series of normative acts a form of assignment which represents the exception from the form established in the common law, the Labor Code, and even f...
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