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Repausul zilnic și repausul săptămânal – forme ale timpului de odihnă
Daily rest and weekly rest are forms of rest time, each with its own physiognomy and purpose. At the same time, they constitute employee/worker rights that must be strictly respected by the employer. The rule is that the daily rest precedes the weekly; the first does not intersect with the second, but they are cumulative as ruled by the Court of Justice of the European Union by the Decision of March 2, 2023.
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Timpul de muncă şi timpul de odihnă potrivit dreptului Uniunii Europene
The article analyzes, starting from the European legislation, the notions of working time and rest time as well as the less common situations that require a classification in one of these two notions. Moreover, the analysis of the case law of the Court of Justice of the European Union includes the discussion of concrete situations which have raised real problems of interpretation of the law inu this field, demonstrating that these two notions r...
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Consideraţii generale privind concediul pentru îngrijitor
In recent years, there has been a need to balance family and work life to make modern workplaces more responsive to increasingly diverse family needs. We see this type of leave as an important step towards that balance. Family care leave is a leave that protects the worker and helps them keep their job. It can be granted by the sick person’s oncologist to the worker’s relative to provide care or support.
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