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10 clauze esenţiale cuprinse în noul model-cadru al contractului individual de muncă
The new amendments and completions to the Labour Code brought by the adoption of Law no. 283/2022 required the adoption of a new framework model of the individual employment contract. It was established by the Order of the Minister of Labour and Social Solidarity no. 2171/2022 and is made available to employees and employers by publication on the website of the Labour Inspection. For the proper development of labour relations, the parti...
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Rolul expertului în legislaţia muncii în respectarea drepturilor, îndatoririlor și intereselor legitime ale părţilor
01 01 2021
According to art. 17 para. 6 of the Labor Code when negotiating, concluding or amending the individual employment contract, any of the parties may be assisted by third parties, according to their own option, respecting the confidentiality of the information provided. This confidentiality must be ensured in accordance with the new provisions of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 on protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data p...
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O nouă modalitate de soluţionare amiabilă a conflictelor individuale de muncă
Until the publication of Law no. 213/2020, the alternative resolution of individual employment disputes was possible only based on the provisions contained in the Mediation Law no. 192/2006. At present, at the conclusion of the individual employment contract or during its performance, the parties may include in the contract a clause by which they establish that any individual employment dispute is settled amicably, through the conc...
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Consideraţii privind modificările aduse de Legea nr. 213/2020 pentru modificarea şi completarea Legii nr. 53/2003 – Codul muncii
The amendments to the Labour Code brought by the new Law no. 213/2020 (entered into force on 3 October 2020) have already sparked some controversery, especially with regard to the role of the new actors introduced in the legal landscape of the Romanian Labour Code, which – it was argued – would unnecessary duplicate the lawyer’s assistance during the course of the employment relationship. The paper aims to examine the opp...
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