Articole cu aceleași cuvânt cheie: sancţiuni disciplinare

Răspunderea disciplinară a militarilor
05 01 2020
In this article, the author analyzes the disciplinary liability of the military. The disciplinary offenses and sanctions of this category of personnel, the disciplinary sanctioning procedure, the means of appeal and the cancellation of the disciplinary sanctions applied to the military are taken into account.
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Consideraţii privind individualizarea sancţiunii disciplinare; sancțiunea intermediară
In case of admitting the complaint against the disciplinary sanction of termination of the individual employment contract, the court may itself establish the application of another disciplinary sanction, necessarily more lenient. They were called intermediate sanctions. These lie between the most lenient sanction, namely the written warning and the most serious, the disciplinary termination of the individual employment contract. By replacing ...
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