Articole de la același autor Cosmin-Mihai DUŢU

Reprezentarea colectivă sindicală în Spania
Numărul 5 Anul 2022
In this article, the focus is on collective trade union representation in Spain through trade unions, which is exercised through the trade union section and trade union delegations. The trade union section is nothing but the trade union that acts within the enterprise and exercises the faculties that legally correspond to it by the legal imperative. Thus, the creation of a trade union section by union-affiliated workers is not limited t...
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Răspunderea materială a militarilor
Numărul 6 Anul 2020
In this article, the author analyzes the material liability of the military – a specific form of liability for damages. The conditions of liability, the causes which remove the unlawfulness of the act and the procedure for establishing and recovering damages shall be taken into account.
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Răspunderea disciplinară a militarilor
Numărul 5 Anul 2020
In this article, the author analyzes the disciplinary liability of the military. The disciplinary offenses and sanctions of this category of personnel, the disciplinary sanctioning procedure, the means of appeal and the cancellation of the disciplinary sanctions applied to the military are taken into account.
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