Articole cu aceleași cuvânt cheie: notificare scrisă

Încetarea contractului individual de muncă în perioada de probă
By art. 31 paragraph 3 of the Labor Code introduced a simple and quick way to terminate the individual employment contract, at the initiative of either of the two contracting parties (employer or employee). According to this text, the respective contract can be terminated exclusively, during or at the end of the trial period by a written notification, without notice at the initiative of either party. Without needing to justify it.
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Perioada de probă
For the purpose of the practical verification, in the workplace, of the employee’s skills, the parties may establish in their contract a trial period of no more than 90 days for operational positions and a maximum of 120 days for management positions. It follows that the trial period is not mandatory (except for disabled persons, which in this case is the only form of verification of professional skills), it is optional, at the discret...
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