Articole cu aceleași cuvânt cheie: încetarea raporturilor de muncă

Dreptul angajaţilor la indemnizaţia de concediu, după încetarea raporturilor de muncă potrivit Curţii Europene de Justiţie
The article analyzes some judgments given by the European Court of Justice that have made important clarifications regarding the right of the employee to leave benefits after the termination of employment relationships. The norms of labour law that have an impact in this matter are also presented and analyzed. ...
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Încetarea raporturilor de muncă prin acordul părților
Our law, unlike the French law does not establish the procedure to follow in case of termination of employment by mutual consent. Therefore, since this is, after all, a contract, we will use general rules of the common law regarding the offer (initiative termination of those relationships) and acceptance of the offer by its recipient. It is about the symmetry rule: the contract is the result of agreement – mutuus consensus – and in his closure...
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Situația concediului de odihnă în cazul transferului magistraților. Aspecte generale referitoare la transferul angajaților
Decision of the Superior Council of Magistracy no. 325/2005 for the approval of the Regulation on the holidays of judges and prosecutors[1] was recently amended by several normative acts, the most important amendments being made by the Decision of the Superior Council of Magistracy no. 327/2015[2]. Among the amendments made to the Regulation on the Holidays of Judges and Prosecutors of Decision no. 327/2015, among other things, is the situatio...
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