Articole de la același autor Av. Adrian SEGNEANU

Adrian SEGNEANU este avocat în baroul Braşov, cu o practică de peste 10 ani în avocatură. Este absolvent al Facultăţii de Drept din Cadrul Universităţii Transilvania din Braşov.
Răspunderea penală a angajatorului în dreptul muncii
Numărul 5 Anul 2020
The criminal liability of the employer in labor law attests the importance given by the legislative authorities to the protection of employees, not only by establishing detailed of legal provisions on labor law, but also by sanctioning those employers who, in the way how they exercise their assumed obligations, they actually do not respect the rights of their employees under the Collective Labor Agreement, the Individual Employment Contract, o...
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Răspunderea penală în dreptul muncii. Legislaţia penală cu aplicare în sfera dreptului muncii
Numărul 4 Anul 2020
A stable legislative system that can provide the security and the trust to give to the population a high degree of confidence in the legal institutions of the state is recognized in all states of the world. A large number of rules that are often amended or changed do not bypass labor law and especially criminal liability in labor law. The current Romanian legislation, as it was adapted to the occasion of improving the criminal legislat...
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