Articole de la același autor Marilena Nicoleta BALABUTI

Câteva consideraţii critice cu privire la noua Lege a dialogului social
Numărul 1 Anul 2023
On 25 December 2022, a new Law on social dialogue entered into force; it was Law no. 367/2022 on social dialogue, published in the Official Gazette, Part I no. 1238 of 22 December 2022, which repealed, at the time of its entry into force, the Law on social dialogue no. 62/2011, published in the Official Gazette, Part I no. 322 of 10 May 2011 and republished in the Official Gazette, Part I no. 625 of 31 August 2012. Although the adoption...
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Vechimea în muncă – un concept adaptabil la realităţile pieţei forţei de muncă
Numărul 6 Anul 2022
At present, the use of the notions of seniority in work and their meaning preserves a series of more or less correct particularities generated by the history of regulation and of the rights that this notion attributes to a person. With a rich history of regulations, in which the name and the rights conferred on them have been changed successively, seniority appears as a landmark in the employment relationship, but its landmarks are oft...
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Efecte ale modificărilor aduse de Legea nr. 213/2020 pentru modificarea şi completarea Legii nr. 53/2003 – Codul muncii asupra termenelor privind completarea și transmiterea datelor în registrul general de evidența salariaților
Numărul 5 Anul 2022
With the introduction in the Labor Code, expressis verbis, of the possibility of solving individual labor conflicts through the conciliation of the external consultant specializing in labor law, a series of problems were triggered, that might be related to the way of completion and communication in REVISAL of those solutions found by the parties of the labor relationship. Thus, the resolution of an individual labor conflict may concern aspect...
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Considerații cu privire la dispozițiile legale ce stabilesc acordarea concediului de odihnă al salariaților din sistemul bugetar. Rolul dialogului social în armonizarea normelor
Numărul 3 Anul 2021
Its compulsory that in the national law, the regulation of the right to rest leave must be established in rules empowerd at the law level, in clear rules, which do not conflict with the fundamental rights provided for by the European Charter of Human Rights, the Constitution or the rights provided for by Law No. 53/2003 republished – Labour Code, with subsequent amendments and additions. In recent times, we are witnessing an administrat...
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