Articole cu aceleași cuvânt cheie: telesalariat

Câteva aspecte legate de convocarea salariatului la cercetarea disciplinară prealabilă. Cazul special al telesalariaților
Given the complexity of the disciplinary field, both from a normative and jurisprudential point of view, this article discusses the problematic aspects in relation to the method of summoning the employee to the disciplinary investigation – as a first stage of the disciplinary procedure – with an emphasis on the legal regime of teleworkers, in which case the prior disciplinary investigation procedure involves certain particularities. The propos...
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Aspecte controversate cu privire la noua reglementare a telemuncii
Telecommuting is a way of doing a work on the basis of a special type of labour contract. Both the telecommuting and the teleworker have to fulfill a number of conditions governed by the law. In addition, there are a number of special obligations under this type of labour contract, both for the employer and for the employee. Telecommu...
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Reglementarea activității de telemuncă prin Legea nr. 81/2018
The Law no. 81/2018 regarding teleworking brings into light the way in which the Romanian legislator took into consideration the European legal frame in this matter, taking into account the fact that „Framework agreement on telework” contains supplementary clauses in rapport with the national reglementation.
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