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Scurtă analiză privind condiţiile și procedura de acordare a repausului săptămânal cumulat
Labour Code provides under Art. 137 (4) the possibility of granting the weekly rest days cumulatively, after a continuous work period that may not exceed 14 calendar days, with the authorization of the territorial labour inspectorate and the approval of the union or, by case, of the employees’ representatives. The conditions and the procedure of the approval of the territorial labour inspectorate for granting the weekly rest days cumul...
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Perioada în care salariatul se află la dispoziţia angajatorului. Aspecte controversate
The herein study presents the meaning of the term “working time”. The interpretation of the concept of “working time” was given by the CJEU, which has constantly settled that the notions of working time and rest period belong to the European Union’s law and are subject to interpretation. Given the fact that in certain situations the border between working time and rest time is difficult to set, the CJEU has settled also ...
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