Articole cu aceleași cuvânt cheie: personal contractual

Consideraţii cu privire la prevederi legale aplicabile personalului contractual din autorităţile și instituţiile publice
The purpose of this article is to present the legislation applicable to contractual staff from within public institutions and authorities. Keywords: contractual staff, public institutions, public authorities
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Noţiunile de „funcţionar public”, „salariat” şi „personal contractual” în viziunea Codului administrativ şi din perspectiva corelaţiei cu alte acte normative
The present study aims to analyze the meaning of the notions of „civil servant”, „employee” and „contractual staff” in the vision of the Administrative Code. This normative act enshrined for the first time, in the legislative history of Romania, legal rules applicable to all categories of staff working in the public administration. Such a situation reveals a recognition by the legislator of the fact that, beyond the different leg...
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Consideraţii generale privind reglementarea muncii la domiciliu în administraţia publică din România prin Codul administrativ
The administrative code adopted recently by GEO no. 57/2019, provides, finally, as a novelty for the Romanian public administration, the possibility of working at home only for the staff employed under a contract and not for the civil officers, as it is necessary to make a distinction between these who, are rather located in a „grey area”. The economics of the text of law refers to the common law regulations in the...
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Responsabilul cu protecția datelor (DPO) – funcționar public sau personal contractual?
02 01 2018
The Data Protection Officer is not a new institution, being previously provided for in the text of the Data Protection Directive 95/46/EC. The Regulation (EU) 2016/679 recognizes this position as a key-actor within the new Data Protection system both through the obligation of its nomination by the public authorities or organisms, or by operators or persons designated by them, and through its professional experience and preparation, respectivel...
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