Articole cu aceleași cuvânt cheie: muncă atipică

Evoluții recente in materia telemuncii
When talking about labour laws, we are currently witnessing a revolution in the traditional way of working that is affecting all of us today. It involves a recognition of the importance of flexibility in individual employment relationships through the widespread use of telework. Apart from the advantage in terms of flexibility that teleworking offers in Romania, matters are not simple at all from the point of view of the applicable legal regim...
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Aspecte legate de contractul cu fracțiune de normă în lumina reglementărilor interne, internaționale și europene. Analiză comparativă
The European policies constantly underline the utility of part-time agreements in the labour fields as important instruments that respond certain flexibility needs coming from the employees, thus ensuring an optimal balance between the professional and personal life. From this perspective, the EU Directive 97/81/CE concerning the Framework Agreement on part-time work underlines, through its content, the importance of this work schedules and en...
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