Articole cu aceleași cuvânt cheie: funcționari publici

Acordurile colective – convenții de muncăale funcționarilor publici
This article is devoted to the presentation and analysis of legal provisions on collective agreements, that is, those agreements concluded in written form between public authorities or institutions and the legal representatives of public officials. These agreements are similar to collective agreements regulated by law in the case of employees. They shall bear a different name for at least two reasons: – concern the activity of p...
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Soluționarea litigiilor de muncă ale funcționarilor publici (la fond)
Civil servants, including those with special status (parliamentary officials, police officers, prison police officers) may be considered dissatisfied with the unilateral acts issued by the public authority/institution in which they are employed. These may concern disciplinary action, civil liability, modification or termination of employment. In such a case, those concerned have the opportunity to apply to the competent administrative c...
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