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O analiză a cadrului normativ privind registrul general de evidenţa salariaţilor
The general register of employees is a document whose source is found in Law no. 53/2003 on the Labor Code rep., With subsequent amendments and completions and which benefit from a normative framework approved by government decision. This normative framework establishes rights and obligations for both parties of the individual employment contract, so we intend to analyze in certain particular cases, the capacity of the employee and the employer...
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Importanţa formării profesionale în contextul dezvoltării sistemelor de Inteligenţă Artificială (IA)
Employee training is a necessity on the labor market, not only in Romania, but throughout the world. The employer, according to the Labor Code, is obliged to send the employees to training once every 2 or 3 years depending on the number of employees. He also has the obligation, according to the same Code, as we know, if he has more than 21 employees to work out annually and apply training plans. Artificial Intelligence is, and remains, ...
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