Articole de la același autor Expert în legislaţia muncii drd. Roxana-Maria POPESCU

Discriminarea pe motive de vârstă în sport
Fighting discrimination is a continuing concern in modern world sport, being among the most debated topics of international sports federations and among those who have benefited from an impressive promotion campaign, but also from the implementation of strategic rules and measures. Although over time the main reasons of discrimination encountered in sports have been those of gender and race, in Romania age discrimination has been t...
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Modifi carea unilaterală a fi șei postului de către angajator
The job description has always been a controversial topic in employment relationships, being among the most debated aspects of the individual employment contract. The lack of an explicit and detailed regulation of the structure and content of this document has given rise to numerous intrigues and dilemmas among employers and employees, especially in times of conflict. The most sensitive point in the employee-employer relationship is the possi...
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