Articole de la același autor Prof. univ. dr. Claudia-Ana MOARCĂȘ

Claudia-Ana MOARCĂȘ este profesor universitar doctor în cadrul Facultăţii de Drept, Universitatea din București.
Dimensiunile incluziunii sociale
This paper defines the concepts of social inclusion and exclusion and poverty and highlights the interactions among them with a view to identifying ways of action that would contribute to enhancing social inclusion and limiting social marginalization while focusing on social security measures.
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Universul muncii în schimbare. Confluenţa dreptului muncii românesc cu dreptul european al muncii
Labour is, by its unique specificity and identity, the defining force that empowers human societies that include people that are similarly defined by their own particular and identity-related features. At the same time, labour is performed as an essentially social process as it is both the result of individual accumulations of knowledge, aptitudes, skills and competences and a consequence of the individual’s interaction with others...
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Dreptul la muncă un drept „viu”și fundamental al omului. Evoluţie și transformări 2003-2023
75 years since the United Nations Organization voted on the Universal Declaration on Human Rights, on December 10, 1948, this paper is Part I of a synthesis of the evolution and development of the labour law from 2003, when the Labour Code was adopted, until October 2022; the focus is on the changes that were triggered by the SARS CoV-2 crisis. Part II, to be published in the next issue, shall further address the modifications that ensued fro...
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