Articole de la același autor Irina-Maria SILITRĂ

Cetăţenia Europeană – legătura juridică dintre indivizi şi stat
Numărul 1 Anul 2020
The theme chosen for the article is a topical one, on which many opinions have been formulated by many specialists, but in practice there are still questions that have not found the answers. I mention that in the studied literature I have found studies undergoing systematic researches to highlight the issues addressed: European citizenship – the legal connection between individuals and the state. Choosing the theme was not accide...
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Protecţia datelor cu caracter personal la misiunile diplomatice și oficiile consulare ale României în străinătate
Numărul 5 Anul 2019
The topic chosen for the article is a relevant one, on which the opinions were formulated by specialists, but given the relatively little practice due to the fact that the Regulation 679/2016 regarding the protection of personal data is of recent date, there are a lot of questions that have not yet been answered. I point out that in the studied literature we have found few studies subjected to systematic research that highlight the issues addr...
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