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Activitatea de telemuncă în pandemie
The concept of human rights, as developed at the international level, serves as an important support for substantiating the idea of the existence of civil rights and freedoms. The concept of human rights has a much broader significance than that of civil rights, because human rights are universally valid rights, applicable to all human beings, while civil rights are, by their very name, specific to a certain group of people, namely the citizens...
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Elaborarea şi implementarea unei noi strategii naţionale privind securitatea și sănătatea în muncă – o necesitate în lumina noului cadru strategic al Uniunii Europene privind sănătatea și siguranţa la locul de muncă pentru perioada 2014-2020
03 01 2017
The European Union set a new strategic framework for health and safety at work for the period 2014 – 2020 and highlighted the new challenges in this area. The Author analyzing the European and national context and argues the need to develop and implement a new national strategy on safety and health (OSH), in line with the new strategic European framework and due to the peculiarities of our country.
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