Articole cu aceleași cuvânt cheie: decizie de sancționare

Câteva aspecte legate de convocarea salariatului la cercetarea disciplinară prealabilă. Cazul special al telesalariaților
Given the complexity of the disciplinary field, both from a normative and jurisprudential point of view, this article discusses the problematic aspects in relation to the method of summoning the employee to the disciplinary investigation – as a first stage of the disciplinary procedure – with an emphasis on the legal regime of teleworkers, in which case the prior disciplinary investigation procedure involves certain particularities. The propos...
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Avertismentul scris. Aspecte teoretice și practice. Necesitatea efectuării cercetării disciplinare și în cazul avertismentului scris
In the following, we will analyze some theoretical and practical aspects related to the disciplinary sanction of the written warning, and we will also refer to the need to conduct a disciplinary investigation in case of a written warning.  Keywords: ...
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