Articole cu aceleași cuvânt cheie: răspundere patrimonială

Câteva consideraţii referitoare la reglementarea și acordarea daunelor morale în raportul de muncă
According to the legal regulations from the Labour Code, moral damages can be granted only if the employee is injured by the employer during the execution of the individual labour contract. The acknowledgement of moral damages and the determination of the amount of moral damages in the labour disputes may be a challenge just as it is in the case of civil litigations. The court has the task of ordering the administration of the appropriate evid...
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Considerații privind calitatea procesuală a lucrătorilor în constatarea nulității absolute a contractului/acordului colectiv de muncă
In the judicial practice, different opinions emerged with regard to the possibility of the employee/civil servant to request the declaration of the absolute nullity of the collective labour agreement/contract when the damage is determined within the property of the employer, through a control act of the Court of Accounts. In solving this issue of law, the High Court of Cassation and Justice intervened by decision no. 17/2016 (the panel compete...
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